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To stop a war between humans and their mutant offspring, four rivals—a soldier, criminal, scientist, and scholar—time travel for fresh genes that will purge the mutation. But trusting each other is the real fight.


Commander Tauran joined the Guard Corps before the war to rescue, not conquer. Now a mutant rebellion vaults him to the command of all government forces. When Tauran’s young son is diagnosed as one of the despised changeling mutants, he believes government assurances that his boy will be treated well. After all, humanity’s interplanetary supply chain can’t survive without changeling labor. His less trusting wife, however, flees with the boy to a changeling planet.

Then a rogue scientist offers Tauran a time travel breakthrough, and Tauran seizes it as a way to rescue his family and end the war. If he can gather fresh DNA from before Earth’s nuclear wars, scientists say they can use it to stop the deformities and brain damage resulting from the changeling mutation. 

Maxing out the time travel device, Tauran travels to Earth’s first century where he is stunned to find naturally occurring mutants. The first part of his mission seems headed for failure. Then the team historian guides them to a small-town healer who can stop the mutation in its chromosomal tracks, if Tauran can believe the reports of the team’s geneticist. 

Faced with more of a mystery than ever, Tauran determines to learn the healer’s secrets or risk bringing him to the future to save his changeling son. But he’ll have to move fast—before mutants from his own time overrun his time travel site on Terra and before the government conspiracy that’s been working to prolong the war decides that maybe one more nuclear blast is just what Earth needs. 

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